Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing

EcoDrains Ltd. offers a smoke testing service to clients throughout the South of Ireland. This is an efficient, cost effective and non-destructive method of locating defects and damage points in your pipe system and is suitable for use either above or below ground. Smoke testing is an ideal alternative in situations where a CCTV survey may not be able to reach into or navigate around the drainage system. Smoke testing is also useful in discovering lost manholes, broken or open clean outs, and abandoned service lines.

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We use specialist smoke testing equipment which inserts high-pressure, non-toxic smoke into the drainage system of your property.

If there are defects in the pipe system, the smoke will exit through them, which allows our technician to located the problem point and assess the full extent of the damage. Once we have assess the damage, we can then offer an appropriate solution to restore your drainage system to its optimum condition.

EcoDrains Ltd. can use our specialist Smoke inspection equipment to identify issues in the drainage system of your home or business. This is an extremely effective and quick method of locating a defect.