Drain Surveys

Drain Surveys

CCTV drains surveys involve passing a small CCTV camera through your drains system to identify any issues which are hidden from sight above ground. CCTV surveys of drains, pipes, and sewers provide an accurate, visual and cost effective way to detect any drains problems, see the source of the problem and help to establish the most economical repair options.

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Drains Degrade Over Time

One of most serious home drainage problems, that can affect all types of property is that posed by leaking drains. As time passes drains and sewers can deteriorate leading to structural problems through wall collapse or ingress from plant roots / builders shovels. Most Drains can be tested and surveyed by the house holder fairly easily if there are adequate inspection chambers, and if they are not blocked. At this point you ought to review the inspection chambers in your home, are they easy to access or has someone erected a fence panel over one?
Some types of houses, for example: Victorian Terraced Houses, have generic potential drainage problems and need regular inspections to identify maintenance requirements before an emergency happens.

Homeowner Drain Inspection

Inspecting your drains simply involves lifting manhole covers and running water through the drain runs from the taps within your property, you should then observing the water flows throughout the drainage system. This can be accomplished by any capable DIY practitioner with care, look after your back and toes when opening a drain cover and ensure that nothing falls in including small children.
Look in the chamber, if any of the following examples can be observed then there might be a cause for concern:

  • Tree roots growing in the chamber and connecting pipes.
  • Stagnant water lying in the drainage channel rather than flowing through the system.

In particular if you see black and possibly foul smelling water then there is almost certainly a blockage problem
If you have any concerns following your own home drain inspection it might be worthwhile engaging a drainage specialist company to carry out a thorough CCTV drain survey to establish the true cause of the problem.

Benefits Of CCTV Drain Surveys

A CCTV Survey can be carried out with little fuss and disruption but they quickly establish the facts. A CCTV survey involves sending a camera down your sewer or drain and making a video recording of the results. A CCTV survey will not determine that a drain is watertight or leaking, but it will show and locate areas of damage or blockage. Reviewing the CCTV survey the drainage engineer can precisely pinpoint the problem area without the need for expensive excavations. At this point a repair plan can be established and whilst a hole might need to be dug it will be at the exact location of the problem thereby minimising subsequent costs and disruption.

Pre Home Purchase Surveys

Drain CCTV surveys are not only used for fault finding once a problem is suspected, it is now becoming common practice for potential home purchasers to schedule a drain survey before completing on the sale to identify any potential and expensive problems. Underground drains might be invisible but they should be considered as part of the overall purchase assessment particularly if you are buying a new home. Drainage systems can be very complex and repair work can be expensive if it involves digging up large areas of land. Acknowledging the potential high cost of drain repairs, CCTV surveys can be cost effective investments and pay for themselves many times over.