Drain Cleaning & Unblocking

Water Jetting

Water Jetting involves the use of very high pressure water jets to clear obstructions in household drainage systems or local authority sewer systems. Water Jetting use high pressure water jets to clear blocked drains without the need for any abrasive or corrosive chemicals that can damage the environment. Although it uses ordinary water, water jetting can almost completely remove accumulated grease, detergents, dirt, and mineral deposits which can have built up within drainage systems over many years.

At times it can be preferred to using other means to clear a drain such as drain rods. Over vigorous use of drain rods can cause serious damage to pipework bends, traps and gullies if care is not taken. Also high pressure water jetting can be more effective than drain rodding in breaking up the blockage debris and washing it clear of the pipe.

We use a high-pressure water jetting system to unblock all types of drains. Contact us today.

Water Jetting For Home And Business

High-pressure water jetting by a trained professional is a quick and efficient way to clean home drains. The water is injected into the drain without any need to dig up sections of the drain pipe and all the inconvenience that this brings. High-Pressure water jetting can also be used to remove roots which have invaded the drains by using specialised cutting tools driven by the water jets.

Restaurants, launderettes and other commercial establishments can require frequent high-pressure water jetting to remove the accumulation of mineral deposits, grease , sludge, fats and debris or sediment that accumulate in the drains.

Why do drains clog?

Over a period of time deposits such as grease, fat, silt and mineral scale build up on the pipe walls. This accumulated material makes the wall rough reducing the ability of the drain to rapidly move the water it contains. As the water flow slows more materials are deposited worsening the situation. The most effective way to clear the drainage pipes and inspection chambers of these deposits is high pressure water jetting. The high-pressure water spray acts like a sharp knife and cuts the grease off the walls of the pipe. The water used in the process itself creates a high water flow which will flush the sediments down the line.

Drain Inspection

With state of the art water jetting ordinary water is propelled under varying amounts of pressure into the drain and this can completely clear the drain or sewer of obstructions. Once this process is completed it is an opportune time to investigate the internal construction of the drain, to ascertain if there is any design reason why deposits are building up, or see if the drain has suffered some earlier damage which is the cause of the problem. Once the blockage is removed, the sewer line can then be examined with a CCTV survey to determine where roots are entering the pipe or walls have degenerated and what preventative and restorative maintenance is required.